Summer Session


Adult Men - June 15

Adult Coed - June 23/24

Adult Women - July 12

Policies and Team Registration Procedures

Administrative Guidelines

1. Teams may be registered in these ways: a. You may call FieldHouse Sports at 603-226-4646 to register your team. b. You may stop by our concession stand to register in person. c. You may register your team through FieldHouse Sports’ Online Registration System which can be accessed by following the “Register a Team” links on Teams are placed on a first-come first-served basis; to ensure a place, contact FieldHouse as soon as possible to register your team. 2. The following must be completed in its entirety and filed with the FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League by the submittal due date that is posted on the website. Teams whose complete team packet is not submitted by the submittal due date that is posted on the website will incur a $50.00 late fee in addition to the league fee. Teams will be charged for all forfeited games. Teams whose complete team packet is not received within 7 days of the submittal due date that is posted on the website may be removed from the schedule and their play will be suspended. Incomplete or partial registration material will not be accepted. Dates of submittal will be clearly posted on the website and in the facility and available for all to see. a. Team Roster Form (may be completed by hand on a hard copy or by using the online registration system) i. League name is FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League ii. All players who will be participating during the session, including subs, must be listed on the Team Roster with complete information. iii. Team information (top portion) including complete and accurate information regarding coaches and assistant coaches completed. iv. Printed/hard copy Team Rosters must be signed and dated by coach/manager. v. No more than 18 players per roster. b. Individual Registration/Waiver forms for all rostered players (may be completed by hand on a hard copy and signed or completed using the online registration system and acknowledged by all players or by parents/guardians). c. Complete session league fee payments in full to FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Checks and/or cash must be collected by the team’s coordinator/coach and turned in together. Coaches listed on youth team rosters may be submitted to the New Hampshire Soccer Association for a background check. Assistance and guidance in properly filling out the necessary paperwork is available from FieldHouse Sports personnel. 3. It is the responsibility of the team coordinator/coach and players to be knowledgeable of the rules for the FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League. The rules are available at the concession stand or online at All injuries, regardless of type, must be reported to FieldHouse Sports staff. 4. Only the rostered coaches (maximum of three), players, and the referee(s) involved in the game currently taking place, are allowed in the bench areas. If any other personnel are found present during the game, a two-minute delay of game penalty shall be imposed on that team and the person or persons shall be removed from the bench area. The penalized team shall play the full two-minute penalty one player down. 5. FieldHouse Sports reserves the right, at the management’s discretion, to determine the placement of a team within a particular division of that team’s age group, so as to ensure divisions which are deemed best for that age group and the league as a whole. 6. Teams withdrawing from league play after a session starts will be held responsible for the value of the scheduled/played games up to the point of withdrawal as well as for an administrative fee. Teams will not be allowed to participate in further sessions of play until balance is paid in full. 7. Session League Start Dates are posted at

General Guidelines

1. Non-participants are not permitted to be on the field between games or at half time. 2. If there is a scheduled bye game, only players registered in that division can play. 3. Food is not allowed in the bench area at any time. This will help stop the tracking of debris onto the playing fields. Coaches should encourage players to be responsible with drink bottles and to dispose of empty containers in the trash. Coaches should not hold coffee or other beverages out over the playing field. 4. No footwear other than flat-soled shoes will be allowed on the multi-purpose/small field. Artificial turf shoes will be allowed on the turf fields. Absolutely no cleats of any kind will be allowed. Team coordinators/coaches must inform all players and parents of this rule. There are no exceptions. 5. If a game is forfeited or terminated by the referee, the field can only continue to be used by the non-offending team at the referee’s discretion. A terminated game will not be made up or continued at a later date. The referee and/or FieldHouse Sports management shall determine the outcome of the game. 6. All teams are required to have same color shirts and it is recommended that the shirts have numbers on the back. All teams will be responsible for providing an alternate color shirt. If both teams do not have alternate color shirts, the home team will be responsible for obtaining the pinnies from the concession stand and returning them at the conclusion of the game. 7. All games will be played according to the schedule published by FieldHouse Sports. Extraordinary circumstances must be brought to the attention of FieldHouse Sports management for review and consideration for a game to be rescheduled or moved. 8. FieldHouse Sports will only close in extreme circumstances. If this should happen, every effort will be made to contact the coaches of scheduled games. Teams canceling due to extreme weather must do so 2 hours before the scheduled game time. This game will be a tie. If not done before the 2-hour window, the game will be reflected as a loss. 9. Games cancelled by FieldHouse Sports will be rescheduled at available times that may include daytimes during school vacations and Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6:00 and 6:30 AM. Games not made up will be considered a 4-4 tie for the standings.

Eligibility Requirements

1. The age cutoff dates of all divisions will be strictly enforced. a. For Youth Teams, August 1 is the cutoff date. Example: To play U-10 Soccer, a youth player may not turn 10 years of age before August 1 prior to that Winter Season. If a youth player turns 10 on or after August 1, then that player can participate in U-10 Soccer. (This example can be used for all groups.) If unsure, please ask FieldHouse staff to ensure the player’s eligibility. b. For Middle School Coed teams, it is recommended that all players be in Middle School (Grades 5-8). Players who are in Grade 9 or higher may not play in the Middle School Coed division. For High School Coed teams, it is recommended that all players be in High School (Grades 9-12). Postgraduates may not play in the High School Coed division. c. For Adult teams in the 30+ leagues, a player must be at least 30 years of age before the starting date of that particular session. d. In the Women Select 16+ league, a player must be at least 16 years of age before the starting date of that particular session. e. In the Adult Coed Rec Divisions, the following restrictions must be met before the starting date of that particular session: i. Women must be at least 18 years of age and out of High School ii. Men must be at least 25 years of age f. In the Adult Coed Rec 40+ league, a player must be at least 40 years of age before the starting date of that particular session. g. In the Men Select 18+ league and Adult Coed Select 18+ league, players must be at least 18 years of age and out of High School before the starting date of that particular session. 2. Additions to the roster of any team participating in a league division that has playoffs (Competitive Div. A, Competitive Div. B, Select, etc.) will not be accepted after the 6th game in a 12-week session (in an 8-week session it shall be the 4th game). Additions to the roster of any team participating in a league division that does not have playoffs may be made to the roster at any time during the session. 3. It shall be the team coordinator/coach’s responsibility to verify that all their players are listed on the roster filed with FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League prior to deadline for submission. If a team is found to be in violation of this policy, any games played in violation of this policy will result in a forfeit. The following must be submitted to make an addition to the roster: a. An updated team roster with all new player information. b. Completed individual registration/waiver forms for each new player. 4. It shall be the responsibility of the team coordinator/coach to have proof of all players’ ages if a question of age arises. A copy of a birth certificate, drivers license or player card will be accepted. 5. Double-rostering of any youth player (U-6 through High School leagues) will be permitted with respect to the following guidelines: a. A youth player (U-6 through High School Leagues) may roster on a maximum of two teams in the same league with one team being a Competitive Division team and the other being a Recreational Division team. b. If there are multiple Competitive Divisions within the same league, a player may roster on a maximum of two Competitive Division teams as long as those team are not in the same Competitive division. This player would now be unable to roster on a Recreational Division team also. c. If there is only one level of play offered in a league (no divisions), a player may roster on a maximum of two teams within that league. 6. It is recommended that teams/individuals only play up one age group/division. 7. Postgraduates may not play in the U-19 High School divisions, regardless of date of birth.

Behavioral Guidelines

1. Any player (youth or adult) or coach who is verbally or physically abusive within the confines of the building or on the property before, during or after a game will be immediately suspended from FieldHouse Sports for a period of time to be determined by FieldHouse Sports, Inc. management. Unacceptable behavior will require a meeting with the management of FieldHouse Sports. Playing privileges will not be reinstated until player receives a letter from FieldHouse Sports stating that playing privileges have been reinstated. (A MINIMUM OF ONE GAME SUSPENSION.) This suspension of play for its specified length will include any age group or division that the player is currently participating in. a. Any player receiving two (2) red cards in one session will be suspended from participation in any league that the player is playing in for the remainder of the session as a minimum. b. A red card received in the game immediately prior to the start of playoffs will result in that player being ineligible for any playoff games in any division that the player is participating in. 2. It shall be the responsibility of the coach to control the behavior of players on the field and bench area. Failure to do so will result in the expulsion of that team from FieldHouse Sports, Inc. for an indefinite time. 3. Coaches must be aware of the no spitting rule and convey this to their players. This act is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the player's expulsion from the game. 4. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches will not be tolerated. Coaches may be issued a yellow card or a red card, depending on the severity of the misconduct in the referee's judgment. A player from the offending team must serve the complete 2- or 5-minute penalty. Coaches receiving red cards must leave the playing area immediately and serve a minimum one (1) game suspension. Badgering of officials, opposing players or coaches or any other unacceptable behavior will be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct. 5. Expulsion of teams and players: FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League reserves the right to expel/dismiss teams/players from participation. This decision will be based upon individual issues and circumstances, including history of cards received and behavioral issues. Coaches will be informed when their team is on a probationary status. This will be done by letter, telephone call, and a meeting with the coach or coaches. It shall be the coach's responsibility to convey all information relevant to the probation to the players' parents and anyone else who may be associated with the team. Refunds of the league fee, whether complete or partial, will not be given to the team or to individual players in the event of the expulsion/dismissal from league play.

Revised 8/8/2018

Heads Up!

FieldHouse Sports supports the CDC "Heads Up" Concussion Awareness Program for all Players, Parents, Coaches, and Referees. Online Concussion Courses are also available to those who are interested in further concussion training.