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Field Rentals

Field Rentals are available to accommodate your specific needs: team training and practices, corporate events, birthday parties, or group gatherings.

Pro-size Turf Field at FieldHouse
2018 Rising Stars Awards Seating
Hurling Rental at FieldHouse
Weare Athletic Club Soccer Jamboree
Ultimate Frisbee group at FieldHouse
Rising Stars Awards Event 2017
Multi-sport Field at FieldHouse
Lacrosse practice at FieldHouse
Softball tournament at FieldHouse

Field Options

(3) Pro-size Boarded Indoor Turf Fields

Featuring Field Turf: An artificial grass that looks, feels, and plays like real grass.

(1) Boarded Multi-Sport Field

Smaller sized field with resilient playing surface. Available for Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and more!

Reservations are required

For rates and availability, contact FieldHouse at (603) 226-4646 or complete the form below.


Thanks for your inquiry! We will get back to you shortly.

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