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A Message For Parents

Parental Support

  1. Encourage great effort from your children and applaud their attempts - win or lose.

  2. Let the coaches coach. Offer them your support and respect. Remember, they are usually volunteers who are giving their time to your child.

  3. Do not criticize players on the field.

  4. Exhibit self-control. Don't demonstrate negative emotions and behavior; children are quick to pick up on your habits and attitudes.

  5. Allow your child to be a child.

  6. Teach your child to respect and appreciate coaches, referees, teammates and opponents.

  7. Never laugh at or encourage intentionally bad or dangerous plays or the misfortune of opponents.

  8. Use only positive, encouraging words when on the sidelines.

  9. Be your child's best fan. Support your child unconditionally.

  10. Encourage your child to talk with his/her coaches. If your child is having difficulties, encourage them to speak directly to the coaches rather than you handling it for them.

  11. Above all - remember that this is a GAME - it is meant to be FUN!!!

Heads Up!

FieldHouse Sports supports the CDC "Heads Up" Concussion Awareness Program for all Players, Parents, Coaches, and Referees. Online Concussion Courses are also available to those who are interested in further concussion training.

Parental Attitudes Toward Referees

  1. First, remember that referees are human and mistakes and missed calls will be made. They're doing their best but can't see everything. Refereeing is not an easy job. Respect them for their efforts.

  2. Refrain from negative and inappropriate comments to the referee. This is especially important for our younger referees who are trying to become competent and confident in their jobs.  We would like to encourage these referees as they develop their skills and would appreciate your help. Treat them as you would your own child in a learning situation. Many young referees have given up their jobs because they have had a bad experience with an out-of-control parent. This is a true loss to the sport of soccer.

  3. As always, if there is a problem with a referee, please feel free to discuss this with the management of FieldHouse Sports, Inc.

Know Your Coaches

Your child's coach will have a large impact on the quality of your athlete's experience. As parents of athletes, you are in the unique position of knowing your children's needs and desires when participating in sports. As such, only you can determine whether a particular coach is suitable for your child athlete. Observation and interaction with coaches, before, during and after games and practices, can quickly indicate whether a coach is a proper fit for your child. Get to know your children's coaches.


Some of the characteristics to consider:

  • Value placed on Fun

  • Value placed on Good Sportsmanship

  • Value placed on Fairness

  • Value placed on Winning and Losing

  • Value placed on Skill Development

  • Integrity and Character

  • Motivation for coaching

  • Communication / Interaction style and ability


Only you, as parents, can assure that your child will have a positive experience by developing a personal relationship with their coach. Parents should only entrust their children to a coach once they feel that they have a level of comfort with the coach's character, abilities and motivations.

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