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Please complete the Reserve Your Tickets form below if you would like to reserve/purchase tickets in advance for a show. Tickets will be sold first-come first-served (based on the order in which we receive your ticket reservation request) until they sell out.

We will be processing advance ticket purchases for shows through FieldHouse Sports' online registration system (normally used for leagues). Once we receive your ticket request, we will send you an email to complete your payment to secure your tickets. The email will come from "" and the subject line of the email to complete your ticket purchase will be "You've been invited to join SHOW NAME - SHOW DATE at TIME". Follow the "accept this invitation" link within the body of the email to complete your online purchase (you will also be required to fill out an online registration form to complete this process - again, we are adapting our online registration system which is normally used for leagues for this use - sorry!).

Once you have completed your online payment, you will be emailed a receipt/payment confirmation. This is your ticket, so PLEASE BRING THIS CONFIRMATION WITH YOU TO THE SHOW!

Tickets may also be purchase upon arrival (pending availability - not guaranteed) by CASH ONLY if you do not plan to reserve/purchase tickets in advance. Please plan to bring correct change if you plan to purchase tickets upon arrival. 

Tickets may be reserved up to 4 hours before a show. Any reservations submitted less than 4 hours before a show will not be valid and tickets will need to be purchased upon arrival. 

Reserve Your Tickets

Thanks for submitting! We will send you an email from "" to complete your payment.

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