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Welcome to FieldHouse Sports Drive-In Entertainment!

Here is some information regarding guidelines, food and beverage service, and other details to help maximize your Drive-In Entertainment experience!

Show Info

Drive-In Schedule & Tickets can be found here

It is our goal to start shows on time. In the event of rain or inclement weather (IF we decide that we need to postpone a show), we will schedule a rain date. Tickets for shows are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a show on the rain date, you will need to sell or give your ticket to someone else.

Arrival Time and What to Expect

Parking lot opens approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before each show.

A FieldHouse Sports staff member will be at the entrance to the parking lot to check your ticket status. If you purchased tickets in advance online, PLEASE BRING YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT/PAYMENT CONFIRMATION TO THE SHOW. Failure to present your email receipt/payment confirmation may result in denied entry. Tickets may also be purchased upon arrival (pending availability - not guaranteed) by CASH ONLY. For admission costs for a specific show, please see our Drive-In Schedule & Tickets information.

You will be given a flyer when you arrive. The flyer will have information and our menu of food and beverage items available for purchase on it. FieldHouse staff will guide you into a parking space. Cars will be parked in "first-come first-served" order. The first vehicles to arrive will be guided to park the closest to the stage or viewing screen, the last vehicles to arrive will be guided to park furthest from the stage or viewing screen. You will not be allowed to move your vehicle to another spot. Although we feel that we have planned a parking layout that provides adequate viewing for all attendees, your view of the stage or viewing screen will be dependent on your location and the number of vehicles and their sizes in the parking lot. We kindly ask that you bring your smallest vehicle in an effort to help maximize everyone's viewing experience.

How to Park

Park facing the STAGE or VIEWING SCREEN unless you plan on sitting in the bed of your pickup truck.

Your Parking and Viewing Space

Every vehicle has an adjacent space that you will be allowed to put lawn chairs in for outdoor seating. This space is on the PASSENGERS'S SIDE of the vehicle, assuming that you parked facing the stage or viewing screen. This space is


intended for viewing only. Per current NH guidelines, you need to either be in your vehicle or immediately adjacent to it. Please, no mingling with other attendees that did not come with you.

Food and Beverages

Concession food and beverage grab-and-go items will be available for purchase and pickup located immediately in front of our East Entryway (located to the LEFT of the stage or viewing screen when viewing from the parking lot). Food and Beverage purchases can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or cash. Food and beverage prices can be found on the flyer that you receive upon your arrival.

NH Guidelines to Follow

For everyone's safety, attendees need to follow New Hampshire's "Stay at Home 2.0 Reopening Guidance for Drive-In Movie Theaters". Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from the premises.


Bathrooms will be available within the East Entryway to our indoor facility (located to the LEFT of the stage or viewing screen when viewing from the parking lot). We ask that all attendees practice social distancing as well as maintain appropriate hygiene practices, and suggest the use of face coverings when utilizing bathrooms.


We kindly ask that attendees carry out their trash and take it home when they leave. We will make plastic bags available to attendees who purchase concession food and beverage items who would like one to put their trash in. For attendees that are not able to take their trash home when they leave, please tie up your trash in the bag and leave it in your parking space. We will pick up garbage when the parking lot is empty.



Alcohol and open alcohol containers are not permitted to be sold or consumed in our parking lot. 


Smoking is not permitted.

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