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Academic All Stars

The annual Academic All Star Program is designed to celebrate academic excellence by recognizing FieldHouse Sports athletes who achieve high academic standards. Athletes are asked to bring in their January/February report cards for which they are rewarded in this manner:

Students with straight A's and B's receive:

(1) Free Pepsi product of the athlete's choice

Students with straight A's receive:

(1) Free Pepsi product of the athlete's choice

(1) Free Academic All Stars "Making the Grade" T-shirt

2020, 2021 & 2022 ACADEMIC ALL STARS

Making the Grade!

Almedina Ahmetovic

Amela Ahmetovic

Eldin Ahmetovic

Elizabeth Albert

Olivia Albert

Yusuf Alwrekat

Abdullah Alwrekat

Amira Azzab

Jared Beale

Renee Bergeron

Alyviah Blad

Reese Bove

Parker Brochu

Micah Bult

Sara Butcher

Katie Carmignani

Alex Crowe

Kaden Dolloff

Julia Felip

Avery Frazier

Hannah Gannon

Anthony Garcia

Stephanie Gosselin

Haley Greenwood

Stewart Gregory

Brian Haskins

Cochran Hayley

Benjamin Hodzic

Lejla Hodzic

Adam Hough

Kaid Jones

Gabrielle Jones

Julia Kelly

Sam Kelso

Allison Kenyon

Abby Kenyon

Andrew King

Somer Loto

Lauren MacDonald

Harper Maloney

Vincenzo Mason

James Matte

Shayleigh McCann

Jeyson Mejia

Taylor Morin

Emina Muminovic

Raven Pairs

Sophie Porter

Hadley Raine

Charlie Richard

Braden Savoy

Alexis Searles

Ryan Searles

Amina Selimovic

Nathan Sewade

Darci Stone

CJ Sylvia

Elizabeth Tschudin

Matthew Tschudin

Christian Vazquez

Abby Vachon

Sarah White

Emma Winslow

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